What is Uric Acid and Gout?

What is Uric Acid and Gout?

Gout is a disease characterized by elevated uric acid in blood, which leads to depositing of uric acid of sodium monourato joints. It is primarily the deposit that generates the secondary outbreaks of acute arthritis that so bother the patients.

Is important in order to know that not all people who are with the higher rate of uric acid (hiperucemia) are suffering from gout (only 20% of hiperucemicos develop the disease). Most patients with gout is composed of adult men.


Congenital absence of a great enzymatic mechanism responsible for the particular excretion of uric acid by the kidneys. Without proper disposal, there is an increased concentration of acid in the blood;

  • Excessive production of uric acid by the body due to a "defect" enzyme.
  • In this instance, one creates a large amount of uric acid and the kidneys can't eliminate it.
  • This cause is less common.

Some medications such as diuretics as well as aspirin can lead to decreased renal excretion of uric acid.

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Most cases the first symptom is a swollen big toe associated with severe pain. The first crisis may last 3-10 days, and after this period the individual returns to be able to lead a normal life, which usually means that he did not seek immediate medical help.

  • New crisis may arise months or years and dedicate the same or other joints.
  • Usually the crises of arthritis appear in the lower limbs, but there may be disability of any joint.

Without treatment, the time period between attacks tends to reduce and increase the intensity.

The patient who is not necessarily can have their joints deformed and still have crystal debris monourato sodium in cartilage, tendons, and bursae articulacos.


You can only make the diagnosis of gout in the first seizure if found uric acid crystals in joint fluid aspirated. Otherwise, you can not set before the diagnosis to rule out other possible causes. If the rate of uric acid is actually normal during the crisis, but still suspected of developing the disease, the physician should indicate a new strength within 2 weeks.

An X-Ray Examination can Help Set the Table.


  • There is no cure for the final fall, since the majority of cases come from faults in the elimination or manufacture of uric acid.
  • Since are both genetic causes, treatment is not defined.

Usually diet as well as medications are indicated to be able to decrease the rate of uric acid in the bloodstream and thus avoid attacks of gout.


When in treatment, the levels are normal, the intake of alcoholic beverages can be done without exaggeration;

Do not eat seafood, kids, too much red meat, when uric acid levels tend to be high because you may trigger an attack. Under management of gout, these foods can be eaten without exaggeration.

Do not abandon the treatment because the uric acid level rises again leading to deformities of the joints.